Action against two Dental Surgeons in Pulwama for deriding government orders

Pul wama: Two Dental surgeons posted in Pulwama have been issued show cause notices after found absconding from their duties . According to Health Officials, two Dental Surgeons were earlier deployed for a three days COVID-19 training course for sample collection at District hospital but didn’t turn up exhibiting callousness and insensitivity towards the suffering of people. Meanwhile Health officials said that the two Dental Surgeons were served repeated reminders but continued to escape and abscond from their legitimate duties.

While taking strict note of the sheer misconduct and unbecoming attitude , Senior officer from District Administration said that the two Dental Surgeons have demonstrated an ethical low and have been coerced to issue show cause notices to the two Dental Surgeons to explain their unauthorised absence and official misconduct on the part of two Dental Surgeons. The officer added that a report submitted by the Cheif Medical Officer Pulwama has surfaced overt disobedience to Goernmentt orders and an appropriate action under relevant sections of Classification, Control Appeal (CC&A) Rules and Section -51 of Disaster management 2005 for deriding the Government Order has been initiated. Moreover the official added that the authorities are also contemplating over recommending their termination to the higher authorities.

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