MBA graduate’s ‘taskforce’ manages ‘micro’ aspects to protect village from coronavirus

MBA graduate’s ‘taskforce’ manages ‘micro’ aspects to protect village from coronavirus

Srinagar: Panzoo village in Anantnag district is fighting Covid-19 in a rather distinctive way. A volunteer “taskforce” has ensured masks for everyone in the village, and sanitisation drives are carried out on daily basis. Volunteer taskforce have provided local chemists with PPE who are at high risk in their village, besides they have also provided food kits to needy people.

Yasir Wani, an MBA graduate, came up with the idea of “Micro Management Model for Villages”. Taking the help of some international experts, he implemented his model in his village, along with other volunteers, whom he gave the name, “taskforce”.

The “model” is based on four important tasks and responsibilities, Yasir says. These are: making masks and ensuring everyone is provided with them; making PPE and giving it to local chemists; sanitising and spraying mosques, medical shops, public places, health centres, anganwadi centres, madrassas, etc, daily; and providing food packets to the needy.

The initiative started on a Whatsapp group formed by eight volunteers. The model was first discussed and later approved by everyone. Then, the village was divided into four parts for home delivery of masks and sanitisation of areas. The volunteers were assigned specific duties.

Two local NGOs provided material for making masks and PPE. Local tailors, who needed some motivating to contribute, did the sewing and stitching work.

Yasir says that this model can be applied in any village or locality and involves a minimal amount of money, which can be collected from every household or taking help of a sponsor, or NGO, or a government agency. A volunteer group of 8-10 people and a social media platform like Whatsapp to coordinate and communicate is all that’s needed to make the model work.

“Some people can help with money, while others can help with workforce and expertise, like tailoring, which is one of the primary requirements,” Yasir said.

The pandemic has to be “micro managed” and everyone has a role to play, Yasir said.

Locals of Panzoo village seemed to be in high spirits when this reporter visited. They showered praise on the “volunteer taskforce” for doing such commendable work.

Shafiq Wani, president of the Auqaf committee in Panzoo, said, “We’re thankful to the volunteers, who have came forward with such an initiative for the safety of the whole village. We request others to do the same in their villages.”

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