Karwan-e-Islami appeals rich class to extend helping hand to poor

Srinagar: Karwan-e-Islami on Saturday appealed to Kashmir’s rich class to come forward in this challenging hour and extend a helping hand to help the poor.
In a statement issued here, Karwan-e-Islami said that in 2016, when Kashmir witnessed months long unrest, the volunteers of Karwan-e-Islami left no stone unturned to help the poor and needy.
“While as fear of Covid-19 outbreak looms large over Kashmir and people are once again locked up in their homes, but the volunteers of our wing are working round the clock for the people who need essential commodities across the towns and cities of Kashmir besides carrying out massive sanitisation of areas across Kashmir,” it reads.
It added, “We appeal Masjid committees and Kashmir’s rich and elite class to come forward and extend a helping hand so that no one dies of starvation.”
“For donations and charity please dial the following numbers – 7006681602, 7889 510451, 7006021120,” it reads.

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