Fumigation drive held at Pampore

PAMPORE: Municipal Committee Pampore on Tuesday launched fumigation drive at various areas to combat Covid-19 outbreak.
Officials informed Kashmir Reader that a team of around 40 employees of sanitation wing of Municipal Committee started fumigation at shrine of Khaja Masood Wali and Sheikh Shareef ud Din in Nambalbal area in Pampore in the afternoon.
Shrine of Sead Sahab was fumigated, officials said.
They said that two Mosques in the vicinity were fumigated along with some shops and adjoining houses.
“The newly created quarantine facility at Kong Posh hospital was fumigated where around 15 students from different countries have been put under quarantine. EDI building where 106 students returned from different counties are in quarantine was also fumigated,” they said.
“We want to ensure that all SOPs concerning our department vis-a –vis fumigation and sanitation are followed in letter and spirit,” said EO, MC Pampore, Shakeel Ahmad Shah.
He added that all employees were provided with gloves, jackets and masks.
“The sanitation employees were given all protective equipments,” EO said.
“All people are appealed to look after themselves and take utmost care to contain spread of this infection,” Municipal Councillor, Mohammad Yaqoob Malik said, adding that people should stay indoors and cooperate with administration.

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