Industrialization is Not an Unalloyed Blessing

The whole world changed in the blink of an eye with the coming of industrialization. The norm of agrarian societies was broken and a new form of elevation process for the whole world began. Industrialization was a form of development which took its course in the mid eighteenth century ; the main rule was to promote extensive manufacturing. Industries were set up and it came as a sign of a better future for the growing needs of the mass populous. Industrialization sees its roots in certain areas of Europe and North America which changed the social and economic status of people.
This consequential change was seen from both the aspects of it being a good thing and a bad thing. While this action was at its pinnacle the fortunate beings were not realizing the outcome of the social structure and the objective which was soon going to be a real life site for them. Industrialization prompted the growth of industries which resulted in major employment opportunities and ameliorated the living conditions of the people. Labour which was taking ages to give outcomes was trimmed and a sooner objective was being pulled out in a much lesser time which saved human minds potential and their energy, which could now be put into a better use and as of the moment in the time of industrialization a lot of brain was required to keep up the ontogenesis of the world.
The making of industries provided the world with the freedom of choice, c which was merely a dream in the past as certain things were out of the reach of humans. The growth in industrial set up provided world with variety and assortment. Another striking feature of industrialization was that world which was a bigger place and distance which seemed almost impossible to screen was boiled down. With the emerging power of industrialization came the necessity to connect the world and therefore development of means of transportation took place which had its clear upshot in world becoming a much less bigger place.
However, hardly anyone gives a thought to the brewing difficulties because of industrialization. These bad outcomes can be taken at discussion through two objectives one being an emotional aspect and the other being the environmental aspect. Morality was being disoriented for instance as the industries needed space to set up a major displacement of life and property took place.
Children saw their childhood being snatched from them in front of their eyes as art, culture, music; robust activities lost their momentum and a serious insurgence was created for the need to work many sites saw children working and later getting disabled because of working conditions which were really hazardous for children to be perpetually engaged in. A materialistic civilization was created and money had the importance which once God had; people lost their sanity and were only interested in money making.
The second aspect was environmental degradation which clearly turned out to be a health hazard. Havoc was seen as diseases like never before came into existence and were spreading like wild fire. Pollution of every type saw its course and natural well-being was lost to the emerging artificial culture. Inflation got its infamous bloom as money lost its value and the poor strata became poorer by the minute. These outcomes were a huge price paid by the man for the invention and the much awaited elevation of the gild they wanted and aspired for.
Industrialization embedded its roots deep enough in us that it not only affected our lives outside our homes but it eventually perpetrated the whole family structures and the biological calibre of humans, it disrupted the ages old theory of human working and providing. Selective morality also got affected and certain political theories were put to question. Power of paternal norm, matrimony saw major inclination towards the growing prerequisite norm of industrialization.
It’s not the power which is responsible for the decline of morality. There have been many factors responsible for this but Will Durant calls Industrial Revolution the profound reason for moral decline.
Till 1900, the economy of a family worked as a single unit; everybody worked in farms and the authority was given to the head of the family especially father who maintained the solidarity of family but with the introduction of Industrialism, jobs took a scattered form. Son became financially independent from the father which resulted in the loss of parental authority. This decline in the parental authority has resulted in the aggravating of concept of a family.
Moreover, in past when a boy reached biological maturity he was supposed to marry as he was economically mature as well ( because family was working as a unit) but today an individual reaches the economic maturity at 30 but biological maturity at 20 years, sadly. What is he supposed to do in these 10 years? How to handle the biological and emotional frustration is the question? The delay in marriages results in making continence difficult. The delay in marriage has given knowledge of contraceptives to the youth which in turn results in the premarital affairs and this parameter has affected the ethos of the society at large.
So, was the Industrial Revolution a blessing?
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