Traffic violators get roses in Shopian as good-will gesture by MVD

SHOPIAN: Motor vehicle department Shopian on Thursday distributed roses to law violators as a good-will gesture.
Official said that the roses were distributed to the people who were found violating one or the other traffic law.
Muhammad Irfan, Inspector Motor Vehicle department Shopian told Kashmir Reader that it was a goodwill gesture to aware the traffic violators that abusing laws will risk the lives of drivers as well as commuters.
“Around 100 drivers were sanitised through on road awareness programme,” he said.
Official said that ARTO Shopian Muazzam Ali was monitoring the drive. He added that pamphlets carrying information about laws and road safety measures were sent to religious heads, households and teachers as well.
He added that people should create driving sense to follow laws.
“On road awareness in past, people and drivers were given pamphlets and verbal information such as use of safety gear etc,” an official from MVD Irfan ul Islam told Kashmir Reader.
“We found that major traffic jams is being created by wrong parking. Drivers were made aware about traffic laws and given roses,” he said, adding that road safety week day is not for celebrations but people must follow laws
and ethics and play their role.
The distribution of roses was highly appreciated by locals.

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