Bilal Abad colony Khrew without portable water

PAMPORE: Bilal Abad Colony (Pal Mohalla) at Khrew area of Pampore is without portable water for past couple of months.
The residents told Kashmir Reader that they used to get drinking water through a supply line which was laid years ago. “The old supply line got rusted and the pipes cracked., resulted in leaking due to which portable water is not now reaching to our colony,” they said,
Adding that they approached authorities of Public Heath Engineering Department number of times and appealed them for rectifying the damaged supply by laying of new pipes but to no avail.
The residents told Kashmir Reader that that due to paucity of drinking water their women re made to suffer in chilly weather.
“Our women have to travel half a kilometer to a neighbouring locality for fetching the drinking water,” they said.
The residents appealed higher authorities of PHE for redressing their grievance.
Concerned officials didn’t respond to phone calls.

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