Teacher Student Dynamic: Let’s Hold On To Our Responsibilities

Teacher Student Dynamic: Let’s Hold On To Our Responsibilities


The future of nation is dependent upon the teacher. There is no doubt that teacher holds significant place and has a vital role in society. The teacher plays an extraordinary part in lives of children during the formative years of development; importance of teacher is something that cannot be understated. It is teacher who moulds children into respectable and responsible citizens of their country.
The term builder of nation is the perfect appellation that the teacher has been titled with. Factually, the teacher is creator of all other professionals, who then establish future of a society and of a nation. Teachers have always made pupils, their parents, communities, societies and countries proud by counseling children to achieve heights which eventually led to cultured societies. Moreover, great teachers have exude affection towards students; students have always been their priority and very dear than their own wards. Presently also, great teachers sacrifice for students and see their success in a student’s bright career. Teachers look at their student as parent, sometimes more caring than him/her. Their contribution has made them respectable among the people .Every civilized society has honored teachers, treated them above all and there cannot be any shift because great teachers will continue to born.
However, contemporarily societies have become a little indifferent towards teachers because of the presence of some morally corrupt people in this sacred profession. Unfortunately, some embarrassing stories are surfacing that puts question mark on the credibility of some teachers and have resulted in a weak bond and loose knot between teachers and pupils .The sacred teacher –pupil relationship is getting open to suspicion with increase in indecent incidents. Trust-based relationship is becoming inappropriate relationship because of these black sheep thus damaging not only the reputation of this profession, institution but also breaching the trust of students, parents and societies.
There have been incidents where teachers failed to maintain professional distance between them and their students, they got too close and too personal which resulted in unethical relationships. Some teachers misuse cell phones, social media and send improper messages to their students after getting in their contact for communicating curriculum based information. No doubt, there may be evidences that students in teenage tempt teachers but later as mature and responsible person must not fell in their trap rather he/she should serve as epitome of morality for them. However, contrary to this, some take illegitimate benefits of their adolescence, the period when they are bereft of moral sense.
What can be a bigger blow to this relationship than a principal of institution molesting a 9th standard girl? Such disgraceful events that involved negative and immoral teacher-student relationship in educational institutes have been reported in past as well but the involvement of head of institution is alarming. When the head of institute would act like this, what would be impact on subordinates and entire institution?
I would neither blame parents nor students; it is problem that only teacher can resolve by keeping his obligations in view .Whatsoever would be the person’s age, when he steps into this profession, he becomes a fatherly figure for a student. He must remember that he is in position of great trust which needs not to be transgressed. He must not forget his role as mentor and literally a “potter” who can shape the children into best person that can serve beacon light for many. He must live up to the expectations of societies and especially of students who would say in his grandeur: I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well (Alexander).

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