SMC to penalise residents for mismanaging solid waste

SRINAGAR: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has implemented new rules in which the Corporation will fine the violators of Solid Waste Management (SWM) rules 2016.
The Corporation will spot fine hotels, restaurants, commercial units, general public and households if they are found violating the rules of SWM rules 2016. If any anyone found burning waste will be fined Rs 500,and in case of failure of segregationof household waste will be fined Rs 500.
If any commercial unit fails to segregate the waste – will be fined Rs 10,000. Incase if burning of solid waste,Rs 5000 will be fined. Similarly for the hotels,the failure to deal with the waste in accordance with the rules will be fined Rs 2,0000,and if any restaurant will be finedRs 10,000 in violation of rules.
For open urination,Rs 200 will be fined and for open defection,Rs 500 will be fined.
Srinagar Municipal Corporation has 135 public toilets within the municipal limits of the city in which 80 public toilets have been constructed by the SMC and 55 community toilets have been constructed under the Swatch Bharat Mission Abhiyan (SBM).
Chief Sanitation officer of SMC, Syed Nissar Hussain told Kashmir Reader that any violation of SWM rules has been given to ward officers and they have to submit the report at the commissioner office of SMC with proper proof.
“The ward officer has to submit the report along with proper photograph,” he said.
The Commissioner of SMC, Khurshid Ahmad Sanai has issued public notice in this regard which said that all the citizens are hereby informed that the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, GoI has notified and enacted solid Waste Management Rules 2016 vide notification No.S.O. 1357 (E) dated on 8/4/2019.
“In accordance with the rules, Srinagar Municipal Corporation vide notification No.01 of 2019 on dated 18/9/2019 has notified Srinagar Municipal Corporation Solid Waste Management bye-laws 2019. These bye-laws are effecting being implemented within the territorial Jurisdiction of SMC and the Srinagar Municipal Corporation is authorized to levy spot fine in all cases be it citizens/organisations/business establishments etc. Where provisions of solid waste Management Rules are violated,” the order said.

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