Massive landslide at Digdole closes Srinagar Jammu highway

Srinagar: A massive landside occurring at Digdole in Ramban area on Saturday evening has again blocked the Srinagar-Jammu highway leading to stranding of vehicles along the route.
As per the officials traffic was allowed from Jammu to Srinagar on Saturday that was moving smoothly in the morning, however, a fresh landslide occurring in landslide prone area of Digdol area again closing the road.
SP Traffic Rural, Muzzafar Ahmad Shah said the highway remains closed because of this latest blocade.
He said men and machinery are on the job to clear the road of the fallen debris to again allow traffic movement.
He said it is too early to say when the highway will reopen as the arterial road has suffered extensive damage.
Shah further said more than 1,400 trucks are stranded between Digdol and Udhampur and once road will clear only stranded vehicles from Jammu will be cleard first.
Earlier about 2,500 Srinagar-bound vehicles crossed the Jawahar Tunnel after the road was cleared for stranded vehicles on Saturday.
Fresh snowfall in the tunnel area and multiple landslides between Ramsoo and Panthiyal in Ramban district forced closure of the highway on Friday evening.

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