Holding assembly elections in Kashmir a welcome step: BJP youth leader

BALHAMA: Welcoming the government of India’s decision to hold assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir, National Vice President for youth Bhartiya Janta Party, Aijaz Hussain claimed that BJP party will win around 15 seats from Kashmir province.
“The democratic set up needs to be restored in Kashmir and for that holding of assembly elections here is a welcome step,” Aijaz told Kashmir Reader in an interview.
He said that people in Kashmir face several hardships on daily basis and “for their redressal, BJP will accept election commission’s decision to hold elections in JK”.
He said that only few political leaders have been taken into preventive custody. “You can’t say that they have been arrested. I hope they too will be released at an appropriate time,” he said, adding that for normal political process in Kashmir to be restored, the detained politicians are not the only custodians.
He said that BJP is in a position to win 15 seats from Kashmir province in case elections are held at this moment.
On the issue of returning statehood to JK, the youth leader said that people should give time to government for monitoring the developmental process here.
“Statehood is the right of JK and government will take an appropriate decision for returning the statehood to JK when there will be peace and progress in the valley,” he said.

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