The Joy of Reading Books

The Joy of Reading Books


The joy of reading books can’t be expressed in words. It is something which we can understand only by real experience. There is much more to our lives than our daily work, and the time we spent aimlessly using different things. In shaping our attitude and behavior in a positive direction books play an important role. The right and well chosen books are our best friends and companions. Books demand nothing from us instead they give us pleasure, joy and broadens our thinking and mental capability. Books console us when we are depressed. They encourage us when we feel defeated. They instill in us courage and hard work. Books immensely add to our knowledge and remove our ignorance.
By playing various things like sports, watching movies we can get some pleasure but the real and lasting pleasure one can get only by reading books. When we read a good book we forget the anxieties of life. It lands us into the world of beauty, imagination and happiness. A person who is well read is loved and respected by all as he is the store house of great knowledge, wisdom and information. Because he is the one who knows something about everything. When he talks he speaks golden words and entertains and enriches its listeners with his good talk. One can never feel bored in the company of such a well read person.
Reading is food for our mind the same way the food is necessary for our body to survive and grow. It makes us well informed and up to date with latest knowledge and happenings world around. Only those nations and individuals can contribute positively towards the wellbeing of humanity irrespective of caste, creed, color, region, religion and also towards other creatures that existed around us who are knowledgeable and intellectually strong with positive thinking and positive outlook can only comes from reading good books. Books are the treasure richer than the treasure of any king or kingdom but it is upon the reader how much he takes out and grasps out of this treasure.
Our great religion Islam puts great emphasis and importance to reading and gets oneself educated. Islam insists its followers to start its journey of life with knowledge and light. The high place and respect which Almighty Allah gives to Adam (Man) over all the other creatures that existed in this universe is because of knowledge and wisdom.
The aim of reading is and should always be to purify ones soul, heart and to enlighten ones vision and understanding so that he can distinguish between right and wrong.
When we take a book in our hands to go through its pages new ideas and opinions came across our mind which the writer has put down in that particular book. Always remember don’t follow or reject its idea, thinking or opinion blindly but think upon it deeply. What kind of person we want to be and what we would ultimately become greatly depends upon the type of content that we read and how much we act upon it.

—The author, a PhD Research Scholar, can be reached at: [email protected]

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