We are the voice of Kashmiris: Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi said Pakistan was the voice of the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the United Nations.

Speaking at a gathering of Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora in New York the ambassador said Pakistan was fighting the case of Kashmiri people at the international forum on the basis of irrefutable moral and legal grounds.

She said that Pakistan’s Mission to the United Nations serves as the voice of the Kashmiri people at the world body.

“Today I briefed the President of the Security Council, Gustavo Adolfo Velasquez, on the grave situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” the Pakistani envoy told the gathering.

The Pakistani envoy said she reminded the UN of its responsibility to address the grave situation in Kashmir that has long been on the UN agenda but Security Council resolutions and promises to the Kashmiri people remain unimplemented.

“The Kashmir issue is very much alive at the UN and will remain alive until it is resolved according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir and UN Resolutions,” she added.

Ambassador Lodhi said that the atrocities by occupying forces in Jammu and Kashmir have crossed all limits of barbarism while freedom movement of the Kashmiri people has entered a new phase.

“This is manifested in the unprecedented resistance being offered against the Indian occupying forces.”

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