Don’t make my life hell, says Majid Khan  

Srinagar: A former Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operative and footballer Majid Irshad Khan has appealed all the netizens to stop harassing him and let him live a normal life.

After bidding an ode to militant organisation LeT, Khan who hails from South Kashmir’s Anantnag district made a fervent appeal to netizens requesting for some personal space.

“Just yesterday a friend who is like my sister called me in Delhi where she works as a trainee journalist, asking for some time so that we could meet and share our experiences. Since, she is working as a trainee reporter she asked some questions as well. Later she took a selfie with me and uploaded that picture on her instagram profile. Since then my account on various social networking sites is flooded with messages filled with abuse and various other allegations,” Khan said in a video uploaded on facebook.     

Notably, Majid Khan who had joined militants ranks in November 2017 laid down arms and returned back to his parents later in the same month. However, on November 17th last year police made a big event of his return back and asked all other local boys to follow suit.

Majid Khan, 20, a district-level footballer from Anantnag, was pursuing graduation at Government Boys’ Degree College, Anantnag, Majid is a resident of Sadiqabad locality of this main town of South Kashmir.

He returned to his normal life after his parents made an appeal on social media requesting him to come back. 

“I am a normal person like all other people out there and as I wish all of you to lead your lives the way you want to, why am I singled out and targeted for no fault.

I too am a young man who wants to lead a normal life,” he said.

“I had taken a step, but then I realized that I need to come back to serve my parents. If this is something wrong and anyone has some issue with me, he can talk to me directly or inbox me with whatever he has to say,” Khan said.

He said that he fails to understand what makes people to target him in this fashion.

“I fail to understand what these people who are targeting me wish to achieve. What do they want to prove,” the young footballer said.  

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