Conflicts burning countries, devastating families


Every day blood of innocence flows in waters in this part of world. It seems human life has no value and humanity is dead! How long this is going to continue, no one knows and it is now a routine that suddenly a mother loses his son, children lose their father, a wife her husband and so on.

The conflict has created unlimited number of orphans, widows, helpless parents and disabled persons. Blood of all human beings is same that is dark red irrespective of religion, region, country, ideology, social status, profession etc.

The conflict has devastated thousands of families till date and has made life of humanity miserable. Furthermore, many families have lost their only bread earners and are finally left at the mercy of God. The conflict has shattered the dreams of many families. In the end the common people are invariably victims and sufferers of such conflicts and bloodshed.

Precious lives are lost, economic backwardness prevails, socio religious fabric is tormented. Then the big questions emerges, who are the winners in this game of bloodshed? Critically analysing the facts it is obvious beyond any doubt that mainstream politician ,non mainstream politicians, ammunition selling Multinational companies or foreign countries are all gainer’s or winners.

These politician or so called separatists are selling blood of innocence for their political gains out of empathy, sympathy, and religious polarisation. Further, at the same time foreign countries are selling their ammunition to war mongers in large quantities and are also real and direct gainers and are keeping conflict’s burning by their wicked policies. So we the common people of this part of world have to collectively understand, where, why and who is hatching the conspiracies to keep this pot boiling.

Having said that the other aspect is then how is it possible to throw illegal occupants out and free people from oppression and suppression. Can anyone provide an example where an armed struggle has been able to achieve such a mission in few decades? The answer is obviously negative. But then why blood is spilled and nobody cares!

The world dynamics stands changed now. The armed wars at international levels have been changed into economic wars. The most powerful countries today support only those, where they get economic bursts. Such countries are running the economic affairs of their states by creating and selling dangerous weapons and ammunition to other countries or rather we can say many countries are solely dependent on such economic ventures.

The glaring examples are Israel and USA who are selling ammunition and weapons to whole of the world and are also keeping them busy in war mongering.

These two cunning countries have disturbed the world peace by attacking Saddam Hussein in Iraq, occupying Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Egypt. They have killed lakhs of civilians world-wide. Still no body call USA or Israel as a terrorist country and no one can dare it, it is because of “dollar” which rules the world.

When people of  smaller nations fight against  illegal occupation, and use armed means of struggle they are labelled as terrorists like LTTE in Lanka, Hamas in Palestine, Taliban in Afghanistan and now Kashmir is also facing a similar situation.

After decades of bloodshed it is amply clear now that solutions lies only in Ghandi’s ideology and that holds true even in present times. Moreover, we need to be intellectuals, knowledgeable and self reliant. In today’s world it is pen and literacy which change collective consciousness of people.

A cohesive and collective thought is need of the times. With changing dynamics of our planet, Kashmiris have to change the roadmap of the movement. I get equally pained when either a rebel or a civilian or a soldier is killed, after all a human is lost and  families are devastated, orphans , widows and hopeless parents are created. Hope peace will prevail. Hope the conflict ends.

 (The views expressed by the author are his own. He is working as a Consultant Radiologist and can be reached at [email protected])

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