Pak court orders suspension of passport of ”absconder” Musharraf

Islamabad: In a blow to Pakistan’s former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, the special court hearing the high treason case against him has also authorised the government to suspend his passport as well as his national identity card, according to a media report today.

Last week, the special court had ordered the government to arrest the Dubai-based former president and confiscate all his properties as it heard the high treason case against the “proclaimed offender” for imposing emergency rule in the country in 2007.

Musharraf, 74, was indicted in March, 2014 on treason charges for imposing emergency in 2007 which led to the confinement of a number of superior court judges in their houses and sacking of over 100 judges.

The special court had earlier directed the Interior Ministry to approach the Interpol for the arrest of Musharraf.

If Musharraf fails to submit a written request for security to the Ministry of Interior, the government can take “positive steps” to ensure the arrest of the accused and attach his properties abroad, including suspension of the National Identity Card (CNIC) and passport of the accused, The Express Tribune quoted a four-page order of the special court.

If the federal government suspends his passport and CNIC, Musharraf will not be able to travel to any country.

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