DSEK to experiment ‘contractual appointments’ of school teachers  

Srinagar: In a bid to overcome dearth of teaching staff in government schools, the school education department has decided to engage academic arrangement from primary schools to 10 2 level.

The move is a first of its kind, wherein department is planning to provide adequate staff to students in the government schools.

“Earlier, the department used to engage academic arrangement for 10 2 classes on contractual basis but this year the department decided to engage them in primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools as well,” an official said.

Interestingly, the department in February last year had referred over 2100 posts of teachers to Service Selection Board (SSB) for selection of teachers in schools however, the posts are lying vacant till date.

“Almost a year has passed but the posts are still lying vacant,” the official said.

The official said that engagement of academic arrangement will help the schools in providing academic support and improve the quality of education as well.

“The department has fixed the salary for academic arrangements up to high school as Rs 3000 in normal zones and Rs 5000 in hard zones,” the official said, adding that the  minister however, has proposed to change the salary of these academic arrangements as Rs 7000 in normal zones and Rs 10000 in hard (third zones).

“Similarly, the monthly salary of 10 2 contractual lecturers has been fixed as Rs 7000 in normal zones and Rs 1000 in third zones. But the minister wants the salary be revised as Rs 15000 in normal zones and Rs 18000 in third zones,” said the official.

The official said the posts have been advertised by the Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) and selection will be initiated during the coming days.

DSEK, G N Itoo when contacted said, the department has got massive response from educated unemployed youth for the posts of academic arrangement in schools.

“Our aim is to provide adequate staff in government schools for students so that they can get proper classes and perform better,” Itoo said.


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