Leading the way: Despite shortage of schools, Ladakh division tops literacy rate


Srinagar: Belying the claims that a higher rate of literacy can be achieved with availability of infrastructure and other facilities, Ladakhis have proved that even with the least facilities available they have achieved what others would envy. 

The state’s most backward and difficult terrain area has topped the literacy list in Kashmir division with official figures revealing that 80.48 and 74.49 percent population in Leh and Kargil districts respectively, are literate.

The Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) on its official website reveals that the people in Leh and Kargil district of Ladakh region are much qualified than the people of other districts in Kashmir province.

The figures also reveal that the total number of Government schools including Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary Schools in Leh and Kargil are 376 and 539 respectively, which according to the figures are less as compared to other districts of the Kashmir province.

The official figures also reveal that the private schools in the twin districts of Ladakh are also less as compared to other districts.

“Leh district has only 41 private schools which include Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary School while Kargil is having only 61 private schools,” the figures reveal.

It further reads that 89.39 per cent of males and 64.52 per cent females are literate in Leh district while the figures also reveal 86.74 per cent males and 58.05 per cent females are literate in Kargil district.

Figures reveal that there are 187 Primary Schools, 138 Middle schools, 33, High Schools, 14 Higher Secondary Schools and 4 KGBVs in Leh district while in Kargil district there are 218 Primary Schools, 257 Middle schools, 44 High Schools, 14 Higher Secondary Schools and 6 KGBVs.

According to the data, with 1001 schools which includes 530 government schools and 471 private institutions, Srinagar district stands at number three on the list.

The official figures reveal that 71.21 per cent of total population in the district is literate.

The data further reads that 78.01 per cent males and 63.47 per cent females are literate in the district.

DHSK figures reveal that the Srinagar district has 215 Primary Schools, 209 Middle Schools, 74 High Schools, 30 Higher Secondary and 2 KGBVs.

Besides, Srinagar district has also 58 private Primary Schools, 198 Middle Schools, 188 High Schools and 27 Higher Secondary Schools.

As per the figures, districts Bandipora and Budgam stand at the bottom of the list.

The data reveals that 57.82 per cent people in Bandipiora are literate while 57.98 per cent people are literate in Budgam district.

The figures reveal that Baramulla district of Kashmir province has the highest number of schools including government and private.

The district has 1983 government and 357 private schools, the figures reveal.



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