India’s dream of achieving freedom was impossible without Muslims: Er Rasheed  


Srinagar: Awami Itehaad party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Wednesday said that it would have been quite impossible to take the freedom struggle of India to its logical end without the support of Muslims.

Reacting over the ‘threatening’ statement of BJP MP, Vinay Katiyar to Indian Muslims, he said that such statements are vindication of the two nation theory.

According to the statement issued here, Rasheed said that such a statement is provocation which makes Kashmir more religious than political issue.

Interacting with various deputations in Srinagar, Er Rasheed said, “Those discrediting Indian Muslims and asking them to prove their loyalty need not to forget the fact that Muslims have contributed more than anyone else in the freedom struggle of India and there were renowned Muslim clerks, scholars and other revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India.”

He said that the role of Muslims in the 1857 revolt is ‘unforgettable’ and it would have been quite impossible to take the freedom struggle of India to its logical end without th support of Muslims.

“Venom, which people like Vinay Katiyar spread everyday do again authenticate Jinah’s words that it may take centuries to Indian Muslim to prove their loyalty to Indian state,” he said.

“Who doesn’t know it was Sardar Patel and likeminded people who compelled Jinah to seek a separate country for Muslims as otherwise he was a truly secular person. All facts and figures will lead to the conclusion that Jinah against his will was forced to seek creation of Pakistan as he felt that Muslims would always be treated like second class citizens in the United India,” he said.

He added that people have a right to know from those crying of Islamic radicalization and suffering with lslamophobia should come out and explain what is Venay Katyar speaking and who is the real brain behind such anti-Muslim provocations.

“If arguments of people like Venay Katyar are to be believed true then what is wrong in seeking merger of J&K with Pakistan. It would be appreciable if Venay Katyar and likeminded people will ask New Delhi to give up its claim on J&K as it is a Muslim dominated state and their place then happens to be only in Pakistan,” he said.

MLA Langate appealed PM Narinder Modi and other BJP leaders to tell people of India whether they endorse views of Katiyar.

“The silence of BJP leaders will indicate that Katiyar is spitting venom with complete approval of Narinder Modi,” he said.

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