Kashmir resembling a battle field on India’s Republic day: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president And MLa Langate, Ebngineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Wednesday said asked masses in India to introspect and find the real threats India is facing.

According to the statement issued here, Er rasheed said that while entire Kashmir looks more like a battle field on India’s Republic day, the issues within India itself are alarming and deserve immediate attention in India’s own interest.

Interacting with various deputations in Srinagar today, Er Rasheed said, “It should be a matter of concern for all Indians that the state is deviating from its fundamentals and the fringe elements want to change even the basic preamble of Indian constitution. While the Indian constitution guarantees equal rights for every Indian citizen, Muslims, Dalits and other minorities are feeling a sense of grave insecurity.”

He said that it should make every Indian worried when some people decide what to eat, wear or practice. “While India claims to be the largest democracy of the world, the disqualification of twenty AAP MLA’s has left all those shocked who believe in democracy. The way Triple Talak issue is being exploited, anything worst can happen in future with minorities and other weaker sections. Even the judiciary is losing its credibility,” he said.

“While Kashmiris seek resolution to Political dispute, New Delhi is adamant to destroy their self respect and rule them at the barrel of the gun,” he said.

Er Rasheed said that every nook and corner of the state is seen flooded with men in uniform and security forces doubt every Kashmiri and even their fellow colleagues. “Let New Delhi introspect why despite calling J & K it’s integral part and India as the largest democracy of the world, it has failed miserably to earn the respect for tri-colour and democratic institutions in J&K,” he said.

AIP president asked New Delhi to give Kashmiris, the right to self determination if India truly believes in principals of democracy as there is no better way than this to resolve 70 years long pending dispute.


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