Editorial: Deliver justice

Srinagar: The rape and murder of a seven year old girl child in Kathua area of Jammu division is proving to be a tough nut for the government to handle. Though the incident should have been dealt with utmost care and speed, it seems that the government has not moved by the tragedy that has otherwise hit the very soul of humanity.

The Kathua incident has put humanity to shame as the incident is not only brutal but barbaric. The person or persons involved in this heinous act have crossed all limits as they have resorted to utmost barbarity and shamelessness. The victim, a seven year old kid was so innocent that she must not have known why she has been kidnapped and what the molester intended to do with her.

The worst part of the entire episode is the shoddy treatment given to the case by the police and the administration. On the one hand the police failed miserably to trace the kidnapped girl for seven days and on the other the administration also left no stone unturned to hush up the case or even let anybody raise a voice against the brutal incident.

The case in point is the role of the administration in getting an activist arrested who arranged a protest to seek justice for the innocent girl. The activist was not only mistreated but a dossier was being prepared by the police to book him under the draconian PSA.

Had it not been the opposition parties who took the government head on in the state assembly, the activist would not have been released by the administration. Similarly, the way the case is still being investigated and tackled-it seems that many things are being kept hidden from the public gaze and scrutiny.

Now that the government has already decided a hold a magisterial inquiry into the case and has also announced to hand over the case to the Crime Branch for rigorous investigations, it would have been more saner to put the investigations on a fast track schedule and get the investigations complete in a fixed time frame.

This would have ensured that the culprits would not be left to go scot free and the traumatized family of the young girl would have felt that they will get justice at the end of the day. 

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