Forces allegedly vandalize Darul -Uloom property

Sopore: The caretakers of Darul -Uloom Maharajpora in Sopore on Monday accused the government forces of vandalizing property during a search operation conducted during the intervening night of Monday.

According to staff of Darul-Uloom, security forces barged inside the Darul -Uloom on Sunday night and damaged the property of the Darul Uloom.

“It was 11:30 PM when army men of Rashtriya Rifles Sopore barged inside Darul –Uloom. They abused us and vandalized the property even after informing them that no one is here except few staff members who are taking care of this Madarassa,” said the concerned authorities, who were present at the time of incident.

However, army officials denied all such reports, terming them baseless.



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