1411908 kanals of evacuee land under illegal occupation: Govt

Jammu: At least 1411908 kanals of evacuee property land is under illegal occupation in Jammu region, the government said Saturday.

Replying to a question raised by BJP MLA, Rajesh Gupta, the Minister for Revenue Abdul Rehman Veeri said that at least 164400 kanals of land was under unauthorized occupation in Jammu region while as 5705 kanals of land were under occupation of Army and 485870 kanals of evacuee land was under occupation of the locals.

“At least 22407 kanals of evacuee land was under occupation of various government department in various districts of Jammu district,” the minister in his reply said.

The revenue minister stated that custodian department had an expenditure of 19.67 crore out of Rs 52.14 crore revenue was generated by the custodian department in the past three years.

The minister informed that out of Rs 22.51 crore generated as revenue, the evacuee property department has only utilized an amount of Rs  9.10 crore while as an amount of Rs 6.32 crore was utilized out of Rs 23.28 crore generated as revenue by the department in the year 2016-17.

“An amount of Rs 4.25 crore was utilized out of Rs 6.34 crore has been utilized in the year 2017-18 up to December last,” the minister said.

The minister revealed that new construction projects worth Rs 1.80 crore were taken up by the department in the last three years.

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