Mindless planning: Authorities draw flak over cutting down of Chinar trees

SRINAGAR: After facing massive outrage online over the cutting of Chinars at a prime location in summer capital Srinagar, the authorities have stopped the construction work around the Chinars.

According to the reports, the Public Works Department (PWD) at Polo View, Srinagar had started cutting the roots of the 600 year old Chinars to pave the way for the road widening project.

Highlighting the issue on social media, the netizens slammed the government calling it a ‘criminal’ act.

“The fabled Chinars take centuries to grow and minutes to go. Has the ministry under Mr @shangpal ordered this execution of the gaint trees. For what and why? This area opposite Srinagar municipal park is a good traffic zone. This is sloppy work,” a senior journalist wrote on twitter.

Prominent Kashmiri author and novelist Mirza Waheed took to twitter to express his resentment. He wrote, “Not content with presiding over the killing and blinding of hundreds of people, the marvelous government in Kashmir decides to wreck our ancient trees”.

The scoail media bashing went on and on forcing the Minister for works to take note.

Responding to the distress calls from nature lovers and concerned citizens, Minister of Public Works Department Naeem Akhtar said that he was not aware of this issue and called it as extreme insensitive.

“Sorry for this. Was not aware must confess. Have got the work stopped. It is of course extremely insensitive. Thanks for alerting me,” Akhtar tweeted.

Later, the Minister sent a group of officials under the leadership of Chief Engineer Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA) Satish Razdan to the spot and prompted the contractor to stop vandalizing the heritage trees.

“I have ordered to stop the work till we get some remedial measures. I have asked them what remedial measures to be taken,” Razdan said.


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