Reunion: After 9 long years ‘Razor Man’s’ severed ties with family fixed  

Srinagar: After almost nine years of separation from his family, Javid Ahmad Kumar, once schizophrenic and known as the ‘Razor man,’ Saturday walked out of the confines of Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Institute, Badamwari after he was again declared ‘mentally fit’ by the doctors.

Though, the doctors had given him medical clearance that he was mentally sound and was fit to stand the trail way back in 2013, but his family was reluctant to take him home owing to societal pressures.

The reluctance from his family, led Javaid to spend four more years in the confinement at the Institute, where he was living with other patients, though under continuous treatment.

But on December 30, he was bailed out and handed over to his family.

“We have been taking care of Javaid for last many years, even after he was declared mentally fit and was good to go home,” said Dr Zaid Wani, Associate Professor at Mental Health and Neurosciences Institute, Badamwari, adding, “his family has been continuously declining to take him back, but we kept him here.”

The credit, as per doctors goes to the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Srinagar that has been pursuing the case from last one year, and finally in the end of year 2017 succeeded in persuading Javaid’s family to take him back.

“We have been pursuing the case from last one year, and during that we have been regularly meeting Javaid’s family, trying to convince them to take him (Javiad) home,” said Raheela Tabassum, Law Officer DLSA.

It was not that easy to convince them to take him home, it was achieved after rigorous counselling of his family, she said, “we told them that he was not destined to stay in there for his entire life, and finally we convinced them,” she added.

Notably, it all happened in 2006 when Javaid Ahmad Kumar S/O Ali Muhammad Kumar R/O Habba Kadal, Srinagar, started behaving abnormally, least did his family know that he will turn out to be a lunatic.

After a year or so, Javaid’s condition deteriorated and a little confrontation made him agitated, with time, the same confrontation turned him violent. In 2008, the situation took a bad turn when he turned ultra-violent by attacking people with a razor, injuring many in his locality.

Javaid soon turned out to be the ‘Razor man,’ attacking people, injuring them severely. In the same year he was admitted to the Mental Diseases Hospital, Rainawari for treatment and since then he has been counting days, which then turned years in the confinement.

Initially, in 2013, the court was demanding a bond from his family as a security to let him out of bail, as there is a police case that is still going on against him. However, the family was refusing it out rightly.

“We then went ahead and demanded a personal bond from Javaid, to which is agreed, and then he was out on bail,” said Raheela Tabassum, adding that he was mentally fit, all set to submit a personal bond, which was accepted.

In his case, Secretary, DLSA and Second Additional Munsif Srinagar, Faizan-ul-Haq Iqbal is said to have played a vital role in getting Javiad out of the asylum.

“During one of our visit to the Mental Health Institute, we came to know about Javaid’s case, Secy DLSA took it on and managed to bring him out,” she said.

Faizan-ul-Haq Iqbal, is of the opinion that there must have been a lack of communication between the parties involved in the case, and that, as per him, would have been the reason that he was lying there in the asylum.

“There definitely was a lack of communication, what we did is that we brought everyone together and the result in front of you,” he said.

He also said that the family was not willing to take him back, “but we convinced them that he was fit to go home, and finally we succeeded in doing so,” he added.

Now that Javaid is out, he is in need of regular consultation at the institute, which has been conveyed to his family as well, “we have told his family that they must bring him for consultation every month, to which they agreed,” said Dr Muzaffar Jan, who has been taking care of Javiad.

“If they did not show up, we have made it a point to send the concerned people to Javaid’s home who will conduct the monthly examination,” he added.


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