Al-Qaida reiterates call for ‘Jihad’ in Kashmir


Srinagar: Much to the worry of security agencies, ‘Al Qaida’-Indian subcontinent Wednesday reiterated its call for ‘Jihad’ in Kashmir. The outfit also praised Zakir Musa for raising slogan of Shariah in Kashmir.

The outfit stated that ‘solution to resolve the issue of Kashmir, according to Shari’ah, is jihad in the way of Allah’.

In a video interview posted on Al-Hur media channel run by the outfit, the spokesperson of Al Qaida in Khurasan (Afghanistan) Ustad Osama Mehmood said those ‘who raised the great slogan of “Shari’ah or martyrdom”, (referring to Zakir Musa and his group in the valley) by Allah, you remain in our hearts and in our duas (prayers).’

The spokesman called upon the Muslims to form a Jihadi movement against India in the whole subcontinent.

“Kashmiri nation can only be helped if this Jihadi movement becomes strong—at the level of the Subcontinent—and Muslims in the whole Subcontinent stand behind the Kashmiri people.”

He said that the Indian army has secured itself in the small area of Kashmir by deploying six hundred thousand army personnel, but if it is targeted in Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi, and the rest of Subcontinent it will come to its ‘senses’.

“The solution to resolve the issue of Kashmir according to Shari’ah is jihad in the way of Allah, and jihad in the way of Allah is one, that is done for making Allah’s Kalimah the highest; for making the deen dominant; and for helping the oppressed,” he said.

Accusing the Pakistan Army of being the enemy of Muslims and enemy of Islam, Mehmood said that expecting help from Pakistani army, after looking at its past and present (behavior), is self-delusion and closing ones eyes on the realities.

“Pakistan army is not the solution—it is the cause of the problem. It by itself is an enemy of Shari’ah and a slave of the global infidels,” he added.

He accused Pakistan army of playing in the hands of the enemy and leaving ‘Kashmiri Muslims at the mercy of Hindus in the middle of the war’.

“The reality is that Pakistan military fights for salary, land, and rank. Selfishness and egocentricity, have become synonymous to army duty. This is the army that sheds blood of mujahideen of Ummah and Muslim masses for American dollars,” he added.

Mehmood also accused United Nations of playing in the hands of ‘tyrants and infidels’. He stated that there is not one example where United Nation gave the Muslims their rights against non-Muslims.

“Its history is filled with crimes against Islam and the people of Islam; it endorses Israel’s occupation of Palestine; supports American in the war on Iraq and Afghanistan; helps the oppressors in shedding the blood of Muslims from Kashmir to Palestine.” “Today all of these criminals are jointly spilling the blood of Muslims from Afghanistan to Syria and Yemen, therefore if the UN is given the way to intercede, then we can only expect that the land of Kashmir will become a target of these global criminals with the Hindus,” he added.

Pertinently, in September last year, Al Qaida released the first video on Kashmir where it had asked the Kashmiri Muslims to stay away from the Pakistani military and government.  It had also called on Muslims of the subcontinent to “distinguish between friends and foes” and between “the sympathisers and the selfish”.

“…if this jihad is not liberated from the influence of the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies, then this night of oppression on the Kashmiri people would not only become long; it would never end,” it had said.


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