Editorial: Reflection of mindset

Srinagar: Post GST era when the governments are finding it hard to compensate for the revenue losses, various initiatives are being taken in various Indian states where the government is trying its best to improve the revenue collection. 

Just two days back, the Maharashtra government considered to be the economic Capital of India, took a decision that has far reaching consequences vis-a-vis the business conduct rules and the emerging business model.

The government decided to let shops, hotels and malls to remain open round-the-clock through the week in the entire state. According to a new law, which will not apply to bars, pubs, liquor shops and discotheques, the government notified the amended Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Service Condition) Act, 2017, yesterday which covers hotels, malls and restaurants.

The bill was passed by the Maharashtra legislature during its last session. The new law excludes bars, pubs, wine shops and discos which have to open and close at a particular time.

The amendment now allows all shops to remain open in three shifts. It can remain open for 24 hours on all seven days. It is, however, mandatory to give one-day leave to their employees every week. This will ensure that the employees rights are not trampled upon and the owner or the promoter also increases his business output thereby helping in increasing the revenues for the state as well.

The relaxation which has been offered is expected to benefit about 22 lakh business establishments in the state.

Now we will examine another government and how the government’s order is trying to hit the already devastated business sector in the state. The state government in Jammu and Kashmir just six weeks back issued an order that too has a bearing on the business outlets whether small or big. The state, especially the Valley that witnesses reduced number of business days had to implement an order which is devoid of any business sense. 

Invoking the Jammu and Kashmir Shops and Establishments Act, 1966, an order issued by the government says that the Labour and Employment Department has fixed different week days as ‘close days’ for traders and businessmen operating in 56 areas of Srinagar.

The government order has come at a time when most of the business ventures in the Valley have either started to crumble because of the implementation of the GST regime and the already less number of working days owing to the political volatility in the Valley.

In such a scenario the order in itself smell foul besides, proves that no effort has gone from the governments side to carry out any survey about the ill effects the order bears and the impact it will have on the business units and the state machinery as well.

Government initiatives like these need to be taken in consultation with the stake holders and a holistic view needs to be taken to ensure benefits for both the government as well as the trade fraternity.


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