Provisional registration granted to 40 Coaching Centres in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The Directorate of School Education Kashmir today granted provisional registration to 40 Coaching Centres in Kashmir division subject to fulfillment of conditions outlined by the State Government, from time to time, in light of the observations made by the J&K High Court.

“On the basis of the recommendations of Deputy Commissioners/CEOs and the Committee constituted vide this Directorate Order No: 541-SDSEK of 2017 dated: 7-6-2017 read with order issued under endorsement No: SDEK/GS/Coaching/914/2017 dated: 6-9-2017 registration is granted in favor of 40 Coaching/Tuition Centres as per annexure to this order to run coaching/tuition centres till December 2018 subject to certain conditions,” said an order issued today by the Director School Education Kashmir, Dr G N Itoo.

According to the order, the Coaching/Tuition Center shall have to seek registration from the competent authority under the relevant provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Shops and Establishment Act, it shall have to notify, in leading newspapers, the details of the fee structure before commencement of each academic session of the coaching/tuition, it shall have to maintain admission register indicating detailed particulars of the candidates, it shall have to maintain proper record of tuition fee in proper accounting books, it shall have to notify and display monthly tuition fee charged from students subject-wise/class-wise/course-wise, it shall have to notify and display detailed particulars of its faculty members including their qualification and experience and it shall have to reserve 10% free admission of the total intake in each class/course for the students who happen to be destitute, orphans or belonging to the families living below poverty line.

The list of such deserving candidates, according to the order, shall be provided to the Coaching Centres by the Directorate of School Education Kashmir per the provisions laid in Govt Order No: 558-Edu of 2015 dated: 27/10/2015.

The order further said that the Coaching Centres shall have to adhere to the Pupil-Teacher Ratio in order to provide quality and individual education and overcome the academic gaps of the students.

The permission shall be restricted for private fruition in two shifts only i.e one shift half an hour before the working hours of schools and other shift half an hour after the working hours of schools.

The conditions also include non-adherence to using address system in teaching learning process, maintaining of arrival register of the outsiders, cumulative record of tests conducted and cumulative graphs be maintained for the review of the inspecting authority, competitive reference books be kept available and projector oriented education should be imparted.

The Coaching Centres shall also have to provide facilities including proper electricity, heating and comfortable seating arrangement, adequate drinking water/toilet facility for boys and girls separately, adequate sanitation, verification of the classrooms and installation of CCTV Cameras/other security measures.

“Any deviation or default in adherence to the norms/rules laid down and the orders/instructions issued from time to time shall render the coaching/tuition centre liable for action which may include withdrawal of registration/closure of the coaching/tuition centre, besides other panel action under law/rules,” the order said adding that the Monitoring Committee constituted vide Govt Order No: 1056-GAD of 2015 dated: 5-8-2015, comprising concerned Additional Deputy Commissioner, concerned Chief Education Officer and the Principal of the Cluster or adjoining cluster to be nominated by the competent authority/Chief Education Officer, shall conduct periodical checks of each registered Coaching Center within their respective districts and cross check the adherence of these conditions and availability of facilities.


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