Newly recruited employees protest against SRO-202

Srinagar: Alleging exploitation by government, scores of newly recruited employees,today held protest demonstration in Press Colony Srinagar,demanding revocation of SRO 202(New Job Policy).

Terming the recent development whereby 60000 daily wagers are to be regularized as a good step though but indifference towards genuine demands of SRO 202 employees is equally exploitative and oppressive at the same time.

“We are not against this move of government regularising 60000 daily wagers but we also want government, not to turn blind eye to our genuine demands”Arif Hussain,one of the protesting employees said.

” We fail to understand,how the salary hike of legislatures can be justified while ours full salary can be a drain on the state exchequer “,he further added.

Another employee,Yasmeena added that these days skilled labourers are getting Rs/400 per day while as quite unfortunately we get Rs/233 per day even after attaining high qualifications.

” Equal pay for equal work falls hollow when the counterparts are entitled to the full salary and SRO 202 employee is paid peanuts for the same work.We want this step-motherly treatment to end as it is depressing and disturbing at the same time”,Suhail Rahim another protesting employee said.

Pertinently, Finance Minister, Dr Haseeb Drabu on Thursday, assured that the government will take a holistic review of SRO 202.

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