60,000 daily wagers: How they were appointed, that is the question

“Regularization can be termed as a positive move, but the thing that we should ponder upon is that how these people got in without any screening or any required procedure. What is government actually trying to propagate by doing so. I have seen many of my friends who qualified written exams and faced interviews, but these 60,000 guys are there without exams and interviews, recruited arbitrarily by a politician or a bureaucrat. –Amir Suhail (21), Marketing Executive: Graduate

“This is injustice, how can they regularize people who got jobs because of favour, like some MLA wrote a letter and he got the job, and now the government has decided to regularize these people, I mean how can this even happen. It defies all the logic.” –Umar Qadir (21), Marketing Executive: Graduate

“You know there can be many reasons behind the move. First to divert the attention from the core issues and then create confusion among the masses. If the goverment has decided to regularize people who have been brought in via, backdoor, good enough, what about thousands of well-qualified youth who are still unemployed? What is going to happen to them?” –Haadi Riyaz (23), Graduate

“The move cannot be justified in anyway. They are just misleading people in whatever way they can. At the first, if there was no screening done, and no procedure followed, how did they employ them, and secondly, how are they regularizing them? It is a betrayal to those who were not selected even after going through the set procedure, and a betrayal on the societal level, just to secure political points.”  –Adil Mushtaq (24), Post Graduate.

“How can they do this, when the majority of these people working in different departments have been appointed in an illegal way? The thing that they should do is to terminate these dailywagers and casual labourers and notify the posts. Let competent people apply for these posts, and then regularize those only. Further, there should be an immediate reaction from the sections of our society. People should rise to the occasion and oppose the move foot and nail. They cannot take the entire society for a ride.” – Muneeb Bhat (22), Private Company Employee

“There is a political agenda behind the move. The government has been time and again saying that there are no posts vacant in the government sector, now, how are they going to accommodate this colossal number of workers, and top of it, regularize them. Joking, they must be! If this is really done, then the youngsters, who are currently unemployed, will have to wait to get a job till they grow old. Govt job now, seems a distant dream.  –Tariq Hussain (26) Graduate.


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