Amnesty for stone pelters: PDP says move will steer state out of crisis

Srinagar: The ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party on Friday termed the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s decision to withdraw the cases of stone pelting youth a reflection of government’s invincible determination to get the state out of crises and bring in the long lasting peace.

 The PDP in a statement issued here said the withdrawal of cases of more than four thousand youth in Valley has once again vindicated that the party has always stood for the conduction of result-oriented dialogue and reconciliation.

“The PDP government since its inception has been striving to build a prosperous, democratic and progressive state with strong political and social institutions which will ensure justice and fullness of life to every person of Jammu and Kashmir,” PDP’s Srinagar district president and upper house member Mohammad Khurshid Alam said.

 Terming the decision historic and vital for the sustainability of peace in Valley, Alam said it will provide the released youth new opportunities to build their future and lead a normal life.

“The fact is that the chief minister has succeeded in according these youth a peaceful living and that they would no longer to be coerced to move from pillar to post for securing their future,” Alam said.

 He maintained further that the families of the youth earlier had to spent tough time in courts and that they used to get exposed to the traumatized situations.

“It is a big sigh of relief for the released youth as well as for their families and we hope that such an endeavour would help in rebuilding their lives and successful careers ahead,” he said. 

The PDP leader added that the chief minister needs no eulogy from anyone for her courage under fire and for her modesty in victory.

“The hectic efforts of the chief minister to give amnesty to the first time stone pelters have shown the people once again her enduring fortitude and invincible determination to bring back peace and tranquility in the state.”

Alam said the decision will help the state government’s endeavours to strengthen the institutes of justice and fair-play and it has scored a great victory for democracy.


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