Beginning with free services, Jio accused of ‘fleecing’ customers

Srinagar: The private cellular company, Jio, which took the markets by storm, last year when it announced free data services and voice calls to its consumers for three months, had to face an ugly situation in Srinagar on Wednesday when hundreds of consumers stormed into one of its local office at Rajbagh locality accusing it of fleecing them.

The officials in the company acted like “brokers” and without listening to the grievances of the consumers suggested them to change from post-paid to pre-paid mode; the consumers told Kashmir Wire reporter

One of the consumer who introduced himself as Ghulam Mohammad said that he had opted for Jio on October 19, 2017 and paid a sum of Rs.550 to the company with a promise that the pack is for two months.

Much to his surprise, he said, he received a bill for Rs.450/ payable on November 13. On inquiry, the company said the bill is generated on 26th of every month.  When he drew the company’s attention to the fact that he has made a payment only on October 19, the company failed to satisfy the consumer, instead asked him to pay the bill.

He said he has come to visit the Jio office to get clarifications but the officials told him to change over to the pre-paid mode after clearing the previous bill. “You can change over to pre-paid mode and enjoy for 70 days after paying Rs.400, he said while quoting the officials. 

Another consumer, Abdul Rashid said he had bought Jio sim ten months ago on a payment of Rs 303, “I was told by the company that the phone will function for three months free of cost. After few months, I received a bill which I paid. Even after payment, the phone stopped functioning. On inquiry, I was told that the pack continues but I have to pay a bill for Rs 1191, while the monthly rental is only Rs 365.

A middle aged woman, Veena, said she had opted for Jio in August this year and paid Rs.400 with a promise that the phone will function without any hindrance for three months. I was asked to pay a bill for Rs.499 on November 13 with a promise that it will function for 91 days. However, my phone went off on November 27.

“I had come here with a problem but nobody is listening. They have left us in lurch and the ordinary employees are not able to give a proper reply”, she said.

Another woman customer, Shareefa, said she had paid a sum of Rs.300 yesterday on account of recharge. Neither did I receive any acknowledgement of the amount paid, nor did I receive any phone call.  I do not know where the money has gone? She asked.

The consumers raised slogans against the company and alleged that it was fleecing the consumers in Kashmir.

Kashmir Wire reporter was made to shuttle from one storey to another for the official comment from the in charge of the office. He was told at 2 PM that it is “lunch time”. When the reporter again went to get his views at 3 PM, he was again told that it is “lunch Time”.

Around 4 PM when there was much hue and cry in the office, the receptionist said the office in charge is upstairs. After shuttling from one story to another, the boss was not in sight. (Kashmir Wire) 

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