Uswa-e-Hasana the best path mankind can follow: Mirwaiz

Srinagar: Mutahida Majlis-e-Ulema patron Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq stated that the Uswa-e-Hasana (the way of living) of prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been and will continue to the best path to follow and walk upon, not only for Muslims but entire mankind. As per the statement issued here, Mirwaiz said that if Muslims introspect “we will realize that the immense problems we are facing world over is to a large extent because we have ignored and are deviating from following the Quranic teachings and sunnah that was shown to us by the great Prophet (SAW) who lived each word of what he taught.”

Addressing a massive gathering at the shrine of Khawja Bahaudin Naqshband (RA) at Khawaja Bazar in downtown on the occasion of “Khoja Diger” celebrated on 3 Rabiul Awal during the annual Urs every year, Mirwaiz while paying tributes to great saint stated that he worked tirelessly for the establishment of Towheed and implementation of Sunah among the Muslims of the world.

He said “great Sufi saints like Hazrat Khawja Bahaudin (RA) were the blessed and chosen ones by Almighty Allah to spread the teachings of the revered Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among people and who dedicated their life to it . Their life is a living example of piety and simplicity . They guided humanity and showed them the spiritual path of getting closer to Almighty Allah and helped to kindle compassion and kindness among them. The light of their teachings and exemplary lives penetrated the darkness of ignorance and doubt.”

“They were role models for the thousands of people who followed the prominent Naqshbandi order which has its roots in Bukhara, Uzbikistan,” he said.

Mirwaiz said it is because of the hard work and passion of these great saints and their dedicated disciples that Islam reached the place it has and was propagated in Kashmir.

Mirwaiz said, “It is need of the hour to revive and follow the ways of tawheed and taqwa already shown by the great saints to ensure betterment of life here and in the hereafter.”

He said recitation of zikr as shown by the great saint Hazrat Naqshband (RA) is a simple way of purifying our heart and cleansing our soul and staying close to our creator and his preferred path.

On the occasion, Mirwaiz led special touba-e-Istigfaar prayers (repentance prayers) and also offered the Khoje-e-Digar (the congregational Asr prayers), a 400 year old practice in Kashmir to remember Hazrat Khawaja Naqshband (RA).



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