‘Unhygienic food to hostel boarders’

Srinagar: Days after food safety organization took food samples from Kashmir University hostel for testing, the authorities in the University have now put the ball in the students court.

In a fresh development, the concerned warden of the girls hostel- Bi Bi Aamina has asked the students to identify the people involved in the muddle caused in the hostel.

Few days ago, ‘Kashmir Vision’ reported that official in food safety and standards visited Bi Bi Aamina girls hostel and took samples of the food that was being served to the boarders.

The officials had disclosed that the food was being prepared and served in an ‘unhygienic’ manner and as such various samples were lifted for testing them.

The food safety and standards department has issued a notice to the officils of the Kashmir University stating that the hostel boarders were provided unhygienic food.

In its notice, the Department has stated about various hostel mess deviations which include unclean cooking and has also stated that insects were found in cooking area as well.

“Stock of ginger was fungal infested, dustbins were uncovered which were emitting foul smell,” reads the notice.

The team had found deep freezers containing dirty packs of curd with surpassed best before date and also found improper and haphazard storage of food, during their inspection to the hostel.

The warden of the hostel has asked the students to state whether the charges alleged are “very true” to their knowledge.

“As students are the prime consumers of the services provided by the hostel and the outsourced mess contractor,” reads the notice issued by warden of the hostel.

The students have been asked to identify the “real culprit” who is responsible for all the charges alleged by the food safety and standards department.

Interestingly, the inspection team from the department visited the hostel following the complaints registered by the female hostel boarders. The students, earlier said they had taken up the issue with concerned authorities in varsity who paid no heed to the grievances.

The Department of food safety and standards has already stated that the officials of the Kashmir University will be prosecuted as per law after completion of tests and reports of the food samples collected from the hostel will be finalized.

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