For 70 year old devotee Moghli, Khankah-e-Moulla is epitome of peace and solace

Srinagar: Moghli Begum, a seventy year old lady has been visiting the shrine of Syed Amir-e-Kabeer (RA) since childhood, and for her the shrine is the centre of peace and tranquility, but the incident that has damaged the shrine, has shattered her completely.

Moghli, a resident of Bemina has been living in a houseboat that was stationed just at the back of the shrine on the waters of river Jhelum, for her the shrine has been a second home and she would usually pay a visit here, even after they shifted to Bemina some years ago.

“The shrine of Syed Amir-e-Kabeer (RA) has been a source of solace and peace for me, whenever I get distressed, I pay a visit to the shrine,” said Moghli Begum.

But the incident which has damaged the shrine has left Moghli shattered, she narrated her tryst with the shrine while she was all tears, “this is my centre, the centre of my mental peace, and the damage to the shrine has imbalanced my state of mind,” she said, adding that the news of the incident came as shocker to her.

“My relation with the shrine has not been something new, my heart is linked to it, I feel like completely shattered, and I am still not able to have a look at the shrine, it breaks my heart,” said Moghli, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

For Moghli too, the incident is the outcome of ‘faults’ that have been committed by Kashmiris, “otherwise do you think that such a calamity will fall such revered place,” she said.

“We have lost what used to be our legacy, we have indulged ourselves in matters that do not belong to us,” she said, the calamity was meant for the entire Kashmir, “but Amir-e-Kabeer took it upon himself, there too, he saved us, like he did centuries ago,” she says.

“The incident has strengthened my faith and respect for the revered shrine and the religious preacher on whose name the shrine has been constructed,” she adds.

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