New Delhi’s insensitivity leading to unabated bloodshed: Geelani


Srinagar: Paying tributes to slain youth in Agular Pulwama gunfight, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday blamed Indian authorities, saying that their insensitivity and lack of concern are the sole reason for the unabated bloodshed.

Geelani said that these youths spilled their blood for the great and sacred cause of Kashmir and the entire nation of Kashmir is indebted to these martyrs for their ultimate sacrifice. “It is the collective responsibility of the people of Kashmir and the leadership to take the ongoing movement to its ultimate realization,” he said in a statement issued here.

Criticizing Indian authorities, Geelani said that instead of taking measures to resolve long pending issue in its historical perspective, they want to thrust their choice through barrel of the gun.

Meanwhile, on the directions of Geelani, Tehreek-e-Huriyat deputation led by Mohammad Owais, Sajad Ahmad and Mohammad Iqbal visited Drubgam Pulwama and participated in funeral prayers of slain youth and addressed the mourners.

“We have been deprived of freedom right. Our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation, putting huge responsibility on our shoulders to honour these sacrifices and take the mission to its logical end,” the statement quoting Geelani said.

Geelani said that prevailing uncertainty in state and unrealistic approach of authorities is the basic cause of human tragedy and it is the reason that youth are losing their precious lives.

“Authorities are responsible for this horrendous situation,” Geelani said, adding that occupant authorities are adamant to carry forward this situation and prolong this unauthorized occupation.

Paying tributes to martyrs, Geelani said that “we are duty bound to carry their mission to its logical end.”

“Our nation strived for right to self-determination for forty years following peaceful means, however Indian authorities responded violently and ruthlessly, silencing our legitimate voice through coercive measures,” he said.

He said that this arrogance, haughtiness and persistent denial can’t hold water for long and India has to come to terms with the writing on wall, lest this unresolved and unaddressed issue can erupt and burst anytime, engulfing millions of people in this region.





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