‘Blue eyed’ having a heyday at KU


Srinagar: The hostel meant for accommodating international students at the prestigious Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS) at Kashmir University (KU) is being allotted to local students, who are believed to have the ‘blessings’ of higher officials in the administration, sources within the KU revealed. 

Reliable sources informed ‘Kashmir Vision’ that the administration has given rooms to their near and dear ones in the foreign student’s hostel thereby flouting all the norms set by the authorities.

“The foreign student’s hostel was constructed to provide accommodation to the students residing outside who visit Valley for any educational work or tour. But it is unfortunate that the rooms in the hostel have been provided to the relatives and dear ones of some senior officials of the administration,” official sources informed.

Notably, the Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS) is the only department, which is being directly run under the chairmanship of Governor N N Vohra.

Officials said that the department being run under the chairmanship of Governor is in shambles and what can people expect from the other departments in Kashmir University.

“Nobody is paying heed over the image as well the rules set by administration,” they said.

The official sources said that besides, the vehicle, a (Tata Safari) of IKS is being used by registrar for his personal use.

“The vehicle that is meant for the foreign student’s is being used by Registrar for his personal use. Just to live their luxurious life, all the norms set by the authorities have been thrown to wind,” they said.

The sources said that after the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Khurshid Andrabi’s term ended last month, the functioning of whole institute is in shambles.

Official sources also said that the lawn of IKS, which is fenced on all sides, is being occupied by the gamblers after 04:00 pm.

“Nobody bothers to look into the issue. The gamblers easily get access to enter into the lawns after 4 PM. The authorities have failed to seek help from Police to end the gamblers entry,” they said.

They said that the lawns remain flooded with cigarette leftovers.

“This is a small issue but the administration seems reluctant to resolve even this issue. What else can we expect from the authorities,” they added.   

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