Hit by pellets, boy ‘sees light’ at the end of the tunnel 

Hit by pellets last year and then struggling to get back a ray of light, Danish Ahmad Jatt (19) is finally able to see after he underwent three surgeries in Hyderabad, pulling him and his family out from the state of hopelessness and gloom.

After initial treatment doctors in Srinagar informed the family that his left eye was totally damaged and there were less chances for his right eye to regain any sight.

“His left eye was later removed as it was damaged. After that he underwent one more surgery on his right eye, however, there was no improvement,” said his brother, Muhammad Hussain Jatt.

With no improvement whatsoever, the family drowned into the state of hopelessness, and financial constraints adding to the already existing miseries.

“But after undergoing series of surgeries outside the state in Hyderabad, his right eye has shown a marked improvement and he has been able to see at last,” added, Hussain.

Muhammad Rajab Jatt, Danish’s father, a labourer by profession had to face difficulties given the fact that he was not in the position to bear the expenses of the treatment.

“Driven with the strength to see his son walking and moving out like before, he stood to the ground and made it possible that there is no obstacle whatsoever in the way of getting the possible treatment for his son,” added his elder son Hussain.

“My father, given the meagre income he had, managed to take him to Hyderabad and provide quality treatment to him, we suffered, but now there seems to be a sort of relief,” he said.

As per the family, Danish is now able to move out and meet his friends.

“Earlier he was stuck up at home and this had led to him being psychologically effected. Now he is moving out and this is seen as a moment of relief by the family, says a elated Hussain.

“Earlier, doctors here told us that Danish cannot regain the eye sight, but then some people suggested that we should take him to Hyderabad, “ he said, adding that initially the family was not so hopeful, but then with the passage of time things started to look different.

Pertinently, Danish was outside his home in old town’s Rainawari area, on July 17th last year, when forces patrolling the areas fired pellets on him, injuring both his eyes badly, though, as his brother puts it “he was not part of any protest and was sitting with his friends outside his home after the routine relaxation in curfew during evening hours.” 

According to the family, doctors in Srinagar had also categorically stated that it was not possible for them to conduct the surgery here given gravity of injuries in his right eye.

After the incident, Danish had plunged in depression, and that had also taken a toll on his physical health as well, “now after the recent surgery—gaining sight in his right eye—he has visibly improved on his physical as well as mental health,” his brother said, adding that the family is happy that he is continuing with his life, which earlier seemed fading out and leaving an huge impact on his personality.




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