Dumping site emits signs of ‘catastrophe’

Srinagar: SMC’s lone dumping site in city outskirts Achan, has started to show its hazardous effects on the population living adjacent to it as a large chunk of the local population is showing an upward trend in experiencing health problems, particularly gastric complications. 

Notably, the smell emanating from the dumping site is making it hard for the population to breath during evening hours, which is also being said to be the reason of rising health issues in the area.

A survey conducted by a local NGO dealing with the environmental issues, reveals that 6 among 10 persons living in the area are suffering from gastric problems, with 3 among them having higher chances of developing serious gastro-intestinal issues, if not treated on time.

“The smell that is emanating from the dumping site is proving to be fatal. It is taking a toll on the health of local population. With gastric problems on rise and the immediate targets are the elderly people, however, the younger population too has not been left unaffected,” the survey said.

The survey titled ‘Hazardous Effects of SMC’s Achan Dumping Site’ has been carried out by a local NGO  named ‘We Care’, whose members are living in the adjacent areas of the site.

The survey according to the members of the NGO was conducted after it observed that there was an abnormal usage of drugs that are used for curing gastric problems.

Pertinently, Sher-e-Kashmir Institute Medical Sciences (SKIMS) had also conducted a research on the adverse effects on the population living in the vicinity of the dumping site. It was found that there are greater chances of the outbreak of infectious diseases in the area, with gastro-intestinal infections may be reported on a greater scale.  Interestingly, SKIMS is also falling in the adjacent area of the dumping site

A local medic who wished not be named said “if we carry out a check in the area, we will find Aciloc, Pantoprazole and other tablets stored in every household in good quantity, because 2-3 persons in every family are suffering from gastric problems,” he said.

The dumping site was established in the year 1985 and is spread over to 606 kanals of land, with Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), recently procuring more land for the expansion of the site.

To control the smell coming out of the site SMC had decided to establish a sewage treatment plant at the site, which is however lying non-functional.

“The result is that untreated fluids that are coming out of the site are destroying the adjacent paddy fields, leaving them barren, besides polluting the underground water sources as well,” a local alleged.

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