LeT condemns incidents of ‘braid chopping’

Srinagar: As braid chopping incidents continue, militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba in a video statement has strongly condemned the increasing incidents saying that this ‘propaganda’ is the handiwork of army and Indian agencies.

“The real purpose of these incidents is to tarnish the legacy of the Mujahideen. You people must have seen how Indian forces are shielding these braid choppers,” a member of the militant outfit said in a video, which is doing rounds on the internet.

The speaker in the video who did not identify himself asked the people to punish the braid chopper before army and police takes him away.

“If you find any braid chopper in your locality, punish him before army and police takes him away. Make a video of him accepting his crime and if it is possible inform us about him.”

The speaker said that forces have issued posters in many places asking people to inform them if they see anybody knocking on their doors.

“What they mean is to shut the doors for the Mujahideen and inform the army about our presence. But, they don’t know that people of Kashmir are awake and they are here to lay down their life for the safety of Mujahideen,” he adds.

The speaker in the video flanked by two bodyguards with arms and ammunition in the fore ground questioned Inspector General of Kashmir Range, Munir Khan for doubling the award for providing information about the braid choppers.

“You don’t want to reward the informers about the braid choppers but for the information about Mujahideen. Every Kashmiri knows that braid chopping is the drama enacted by you and your intelligence agencies so that the attention of the people of Kashmir gets diverted from the freedom struggle,” the video message said.

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