And hysterical mobs worsen the situation…..

As the braid chopping incidents have spread panic among the entire populace, some elements in our society are trying to take the law into their own hands and try to create a situation that will worsen the crisis even further.

On Saturday, around 1700 Hrs a mob intercepted a person near Tourist Reception Centre and tried to lynch him on the alibi of being a braid Chopper, a police spokesman said.

The said person was a transgender who was wearing dress mostly used by the women folk.

“Police had to intervene to rescue him from the frenzied mob. On sustained questioning the person was identified as Javaid Ahmad (name changed to respect his identity) from Lalan, Anantanag. He had come to pay obeisance at Makhdoom Sahib shrine,” the spokesman added.

After this disclosure his family was contacted and was handed over to them.

In another incident, around 1900 hrs one more frenzied mob caught two civilians on charges of being braid cutters at Chopan Mohalla, Ishber, police said.

“Police timely intervened to save both the civilians, though both were beaten to pulp. Both the civilians turned out to be Samir Ahmad Khan S/O Noor Mohammad Khan of Ahmad Nagar and Tahir Ahmad Beigh S/O Ghulam Qadir Beigh of Tulwari, Gojwara,” police added.

“People are again requested not to resort to vigilantism and cooperate with police in this matter,” the spokesman added.

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