Media should be more responsible, says IGP

Inspector general of Police Kashmir Range Munir Khan today said that the media should be reasonable while reporting the initial reports from the encounter sites.

“Some reported that the attack was aimed at the airport… (media) should be careful and responsible while reporting such things. You must get a confirmation first…these things have major ramifications. I request you to please be reasonable,” he said.

“I don’t know how some sections of media are saying that it is a setback, it is not. The attack was repulsed successfully,” the IGP told reporters during the press briefing.

Khan said that such attacks will continue to happen as long as Pakistan is our neigbour and militants and militancy is here.

He said that the police had never stated that the militancy has ended here in Kashmir.

“As long as militants and militancy is here, these type of attacks are bound to happen,” he said.

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