Govt’s divisive agenda a challenge for the state: Omar 

Former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said the PDP-BJP government’s divisive agenda was the biggest challenge confronting the State and its people.

Addressing a public rally in Dawer Gurez in North Kashmir, Omar said that National Conference (NC), would fight every necessary battle to protect the rights and interests of the people.

“Be it on the issue of Article 370 or Article 35-A, the PDP-BJP Alliance in the State has tried its best to facilitate one political intrigue after another against the people of the State. It is this alliance that is hell-bent to divide the people on the basis of region and religion to further a long-held ideological goal of the BJP and the RSS. We have to be united across the length and breadth of the State to defeat these sinister designs at all costs. The people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are all united by a common resolve to protect our political and cultural identity and to uphold the integrity of the State,” Omar said.

He said the PDP-BJP government’s glaring insensitivity towards far-flung and border areas of the State was tragic and a source of deprivation and misery for thousands of families across the State.

Omar said the party’s bond with the people of Gurez and all border, far-flung areas was validated by the work done by successive NC governments in these areas.

“Our bond with you is special and timeless and we will continue to nurture this association and strengthen our unity to overcome all challenges together as one people. I have always been touched by your warmth, affection and hospitality and I remain committed to ensuring Gurez grows at par with all other areas of the State,” the NC leader further added.

Omar also expressed disappointment at the State government’s failure to dispense even its most basic duties in Gurez and said the people had been left without any mechanisms and systems to address basic public grievances.

Upon his arrival in Gurez, Omar Abdullah was given a rousing public reception by the people at Tragbal.

Addressing a public meeting at Kanzalwan, Omar Abdullah said NC had always cherished and nurtured a special bond with the people of Gurez ever since the time of Sher-e-Kashmir, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah – a bond which was nurtured in all successive NC governments.

“It was Sheikh Sahab who created the Tehsil in Gurez and started a slew of initiatives to bring governance to this area and to encourage the hard-working people here to play a role in the overall development of not only Gurez but the entire State. During Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s tenure, Gurez benefited from a number of public initiatives and it was this National Conference Government that gave Gurez the status of a separate constituency – to aid in the development of the area,” Omar Abdullah said.

“During the previous NC-led Government, we ensured Gurez received its due share of funds and infrastructural initiatives such as the ITI, New Administrative Units and a number of comprehensive initiatives in the public health and education sectors. We left no stone un-turned to alleviate the challenges people of Gurez face due to lack of year-round connectivity and the hostile climate in the winters. However, ever since the PDP-BJP Government took over Gurez has been summarily neglected and the State Government has turned a blind-eye towards pressing issues here. The people have been left without the most basic governance as the PDP-BJP Government continues to punish the people here for political reasons,” he added.

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