Mohan Bhagwat damaged Indian secular image, says Soz

Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader, Prof Saifuddin Soz Monday said that the RSS chiefs in a row, have done great damage to the idea of India– secular, pluralistic, democratic, transparent and above everything else, a repository of high human values.
He said that the present Chief of the RSS Mohan Bhagwat is, however, dangerously oblivious to the limits to which he wants PM Modi to keep his (Bhagwat’s) company!
“I have a feeling that Kashmiris, one and all, have rejected Bhagwat’s assertion as an obnoxious narrative that can create enormous difficulties for the Union of India.”
“The statement of the J&K State’s Deputy Chief Minister supporting Bhagwat must have come as an unacceptable warning to the ruling PDP, who must now do a serious thinking on the entire subject,” Soz said.
“I share my feelings with my fellow Kashmiris and entreat them to take Bhagwat’s misplaced assertion as an invitation for them (Kashmiris) to solidify in unity for a noble cause of protecting their identity, irrespective of political and other affiliations.”

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