Imam Hussain (AS) embodiment of sacrifice, truth: Imran Ansari

Minister for Information Technology, Technical Education and Youth Services and Sports, Moulvi Imran Raza Ansari Friday paid homage to Karbala Martyrs during a day-long congregation held at Ichgam, Budgam.

While speaking at the convention organized by Jammu and Kashmir Shia Association, Ansari recounted the tragic events of Karbala and urged people to understand the message of Karbala and imbibe the spirit displayed by Karbala Martyrs.

He said that speaking truth to power is one of the qualities of people of monotheism which was aptly professed by Imam Hussain (AS) at Karbala. 

On the occasion, the Minister said that we must follow the teachings and dignified path shown by Imam Hussain (AS), who fought for the sake of truth and Islam, presenting a shining example before us by His deeds.

The Majlis started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the elegies by prominent Zakirs.

Later, a procession was also carried out in which men, women and children participated while paying homage to the Martyrs.

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