Government clueless on braid chopping incidents: NC

National Conference Thursday condemned the recent spate of braid chopping incidents in Kashmir particularly in Kulgam district where there has been a spree of such cases in the recent past.

In a statement issued here, NC said that in past too Kashmir has witnessed mass scares involving some ‘super natural’ beings meant to scare people and take their focus away from other pressing issues.

The fact that braid chopping incidents emanated from different parts of the country does not and should mean that the authorities hide behind the word mysterious. It’s time for them to be proactive rather than being clueless on the incidents, the statement said.

Calling these attacks as acts of frustration Imran said, “Kashmir is a very close knit society and the presence of outsiders, strangers in most areas particularly in rural Kashmir is minimal. It should therefore not be impossible for police and its intelligence wings to track and subsequently trap those responsible for such heinous acts against our women folk.”

“Instead of coming across with some reassuring messages, the public spaces are full of rumours attributing braid chopping to some super natural powers and creatures. Government therefore needs to put its men and machinery in action and try to instill a sense of security among people who are petrified to say the least. Administration therefore must take all steps necessary to restore peoples trust,” the spokesman said adding, “The situation is such that many girls have stopped going to schools, women have stopped venturing out in Kulgam, men prefer to stay put in homes to protect their women folk for the fear of mysterious braid choppers out on the loose.”

Appealing general people to cooperate with police and the state administration and desist from spreading rumours, Imran said, “Government must get its act together and handle such cases with sensitivity and empathy. Each and every case should be individually investigated.”

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