NC demands compensation to Farooq Dar


Opposition National Conference (NC), on Tuesday lashed out at Chief Minister Ms. Mehbooba Mufti for coming under pressure of her alliance partner and desisting from following up on the recommendation of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in issuing compensation to Farooq Ahmed Dar of Beerwah who was used as a human-shield by the Army on the day of election to the Srinagar-Budgam Parliament Segment.

In a statement issued from Party Head Office, ‘Nawa-e-Subha’, NC spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the Chief Minister had succumbed to the pressure of her alliance partner and the Central Government on this case and had hence brought disrepute to the stature and integrity of the Chief Minister’s office.

“Now the report submitted by the SDM has also vindicated Farooq Ahmed Dar and made it abundantly clear that Dar was an innocent civilian who had cast his vote on the particular day before he was abducted and used as a human-shield. Earlier, the SHRC had also vindicated Dar and recommended that the State Government should compensate him for the gross injustice meted out to him”, the NC Spokesperson said.

“While the State Government has still not issued the recommended compensation, there has been no headway in the FIR lodged against Major Gogoi for using Dar as a human shield. It was a violation of propriety and legality that Major Gogoi was projected as a hero for a crime he should have faced legal action for. Commendations were issued to Major Gogoi while he was an accused in the FIR. The Chief Minister has repeatedly succumbed to political pressure from the Central Government and the BJP and her inability to dispense justice to Dar and others like him is yet another painful example of her disempowerment and complete surrender”, the NC Spokesperson added.

The NC Spokesperson said the Chief Minister, who also heads the Home Department should either fulfill her constitutional responsibilities without any fear of political abandonment by her alliance partner or publicly apologize for reducing the Chief Minister’s position to the status of a figure-head who is unable to implement the writ, rule and regulation of law in the State. “If the State Government cannot proceed with legal action against Major Gogoi despite the SDM Report and the SHRC recommendations and findings, then the Chief Minister should step down and stop misleading the people of the State”, the NC Spokesperson further said.

“Similarly, there has been no headway in the heart-rending cases of cold-blooded murders of the innocent Lecturer at Khrew, Pampore and that of the ATM Guard at Chattabal. While the State Government had announced an SIT to probe these cases, no action has been taken and the families still await answers and justice for these barbaric murders. It seems the Chief Minister is terrified at the very thought of delivering justice to these grieving families and fears being reprimanded by her alliance partners”, the NC Spokesperson added.

The NC spokesperson demanded immediate follow-up legal action against Major Gogoi in light of the SDM Report that proves that Farooq Ahmed Dar was innocent and that his constitutional, human and legal rights were violated and said the State Government was duty-bound to also initiate legal action against those responsible for the killings in Khrew and Chattabal.

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