On Int’l Peace Day, Geelani pitches for respect of human rights

Hurriyat Conference (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Thursday in his fervent appeal on “International Peace Day’’ said that the “human beings will not benefit from the real peace, unless equality and justice related to human rights are respected and worked out.”

According to the statement issued here, Geelani expressed his deep concern over the prevailing ‘appalling’ situation, which the entire human community is facing.

He said that though man has achieved implausible and unbelievable achievements in every scientific field, however, despite all this he has turned arrogant and so despotic that peace is practically non-existent and continuous bloodshed has created scare among humans, all over the world.

Appealing all member countries of UNO, Geelani said that, unless the norms and regulations listed in the United Nations charter on human rights are implemented in letter and spirit’ ’what can be achieved by celebrating World Peace Day on September 21?

Laying stress on sincerity in accordance with implementation of precious human values, Geelani said that “it is pertinent to do away the with suppression, oppression, coercion, malice and barbarous approach, if we have any yearning for creating peaceful and tranquil situations all over the globe.”

Geelani asked UN authorities to resolve all disputes including Palestine and Kashmir on priority and create feasible situation for ceaseless peace and stability in the region.

He also urged Organization of Islamic Countries to forge an impressive and workable alliance within its folds and urged to play a dynamic and operative role in reinstating global peace.

“OIC has a greater role to play and they can create history by making an end to their differences,” Geelani said, adding that they should activate their diplomatic and political channels to seek help from UNO and resolve issues related to Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Rohingya refugees.

Meanwhile, Geelani condemned the arrest of People’s Freedom League, General Secretary, Mohammad Ramzan Khan by police.

He said that detaining a young political leader and shifting him to unknown destination is unjustified, unethical and sheer volition of basic human values.

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