In the hour of need, Kashmiris prove compassionate indeed

Standing true to its commitment for upholding human values, the Kashmiri society has once again setup an example for others to emulate. What is heartening is that the members of the society responded so generously to a desperate call from a father that a huge amount needed for the treatment of a five year old child was collected in just a day.

On Tuesday a desperate father of a kid named Uziar Javaid (05)—who is battling for life at SMHS hospital, Srinagar—called out for financial help on social media, so that he can get his son treated outside the state. The kid, according to the medicos is suffering from a neurological disease: Cerebral Palsy.

Given the background of the family, they were not sure that they can afford to spend 7-8 lakh rupees for the treatment of Uzair, and that was the reason that they asked for help, which they eventually received, overwhelmingly.

To the utter surprise of the family, the amount required for the treatment was arranged in no less than 18 hours, strengthening the hopes of the family, to see Uzair tossing and turning joyfully once again.

While talking to ‘Kashmir Vision’, Javaid Ahmad Shah, a resident of Hyder Beigh in Pattan, said that he was thankful to the media fraternity in general, and to those who posted the message on Facebook and came forward to help, in particular, “I don’t have words to thank to those who did their bit and tried to help me during the times of need,” he said.

The family is now fully prepared to take Uzair out of state for the treatment, with hopes high, “I am myself a labourer, I have spend much and now, I was not in a position to spend more, and had no other option but to ask for help,” he said.

The collective act that has been displayed by the Kashmiri society once again makes one believe that the humanity is still alive, and people are still out there who may not see others withering in pain.

The family is all set to take Uzair out of the state within a month and is expecting that he would undergo surgery, which is said to be the only cure of Cerebral Palsy, “for years he has been undergoing treatment here, but to no avail. We could have gone ahead for a surgery here, but that won’t be safe,” Javaid said, adding that here it would be too risky, better is to move out.

Javiad, while he was talking to this reporter, continuously thanked the members of the society, and said that today his faith on humanity was once again rejuvenated.

The joyous family seems to have been relieved of some age old pain, which can be understood from the words of gratitude they utter, and a strange ray of hope that can be clearly seen in their eyes.

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