Central University Jammu Goes Digital

Chairman and CEO J&K Bank Parvez Ahmed today unveiled the multi function Campus card for students at Central University of Jammu in presence of Prof Ashok Aima Vice Chancellor Central University, S S Sehgal Executive president JK Bank, Prof Devanand Dean Student welfare, Dr Ravi Kumar Registrar, Dr Dinesh Pandya Professor In charge IIT Jammu and students of Central university of Jammu.  The Unique and first of its kind in J&K state, Co Branded Card of JK bank and Central University is a chip based combo card which operates both as a Debit card and a Smart card. These types of cards are used globally in some educational institutions for multiple purposes such as Student ID card, Debit card and integrated access and attendance card.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman & CEO Parvez Ahmed said, “We at JK Bank share the thought process of Cross Pollination of resources of the Industry & Academia and are always ready to walk the proverbial extra mile to act as a catalyst in the development of the society especially in J&K state. We are seized of our responsibility not only to grow but also grow the market by creating an environment of business development by introducing the industry best practices in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The design and launch of Smart Campus Card on the request of the Vice Chancellor of the premier Central University is a perfect example of collaboration which has created this unique product arguable the first of its kind in our state.”

 The bank, he added cannot prosper in isolation which is the reason we are voluntarily and proactively engaging ourselves with the various stakeholders .We focus not only on our top and bottom-line but also on being a good corporate citizen. This is the need of the hour in present era of fast changing world and the companies which do not focus on the well defined threefold bottom-line of economic, environmental and social goals are running the risk of being rendered irrelevant.

Appreciating the Customized Curriculum of the Central University, Chairman & CEO JK Bank said, “I am glad that innovative courses are being offered in this university which are designed to include skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship. Setting up of an incubation centre right in the infancy of the university is a disruptive idea to benefit the social and business ecosystem.”.Our only interest, he added, in this context when we speak about the innovation ecosystem is that our state should not lag behind. The J&K state produces some of the finest examples of youth who are winners in all spheres- be it public administration, sports, business and so on. So we must not lag behind in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Advising the students to dream big and use failure as launch pad for achieving excellence he quoted the examples of multi billion dollar companies like Google, Facebook and Snapdeal, which were conceived and set up by the promoter young men in the dormitories of the universities after failing to excel in academics. Recollecting experiences from his own life by delving on reflections of various stages, Chairman inspired the audience with confession of failures at various occasions but insisted that his passion, determination, willingness to learn, do things differently attitude and firm belief in his own capabilities led him to where he is now. “These are the primary ingredients of success which you must possess to be big achievers in your life. You can do it and you must do it”, he quoted. Sensitising the students about various Social challenges, Parvez emphasized on respecting diversity, social values imbibed from generations and living in peace and harmony with surroundings.

Appreciating the professional and passionate leadership of JK Bank Chairman and his team in the Business Units, the Vice Chancellor Central University Prof Dr. Ashok Aima congratulated the team of Bank and central university which made the launch of first of its kind smart campus card in record possible time. The team of JK bank he added has been instrumental in converting the central university as cashless and digital in true sense.  The professional work ethics, leveraging of technology for business and responsible corporate citizen behavior are the hallmark of transformation of J&K Bank into a world class company.

Later, on the request of Vice Chancellor Prof. Ashok Aima, the Chairman and CEO JK Bank announced instituting a JK Bank Gold Medal for Male and Female overall toppers of the Central University of Jammu besides Setting up an interdisciplinary JK Bank Research Professor Chair for Start Ups and Entrepreneurship to harness the synergies that are likely to emerge due to complementary organizational goals and competencies that can benefit the region with its largely rural economy. The Chairman and CEO also announced an ambulance for the benefit of the students of the Central University from the Bank’s CSR Funds. “The request of the Vice Chancellor for providing direct recruitment to toppers of various disciplines will also be suitably examined,” said the Chairman and CEO.

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